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Reporting local crime.

If you spot a crime being committed or wish to report an incident then please do one of the following:

  1. email the local police team at Leominster.snt@westmercia.police.uk.
  2. Call 101, the police non-emergency line.
  3. Incidents can also be reported online at

Oil / LPG Fuel Buying Scheme

The scheme has been temporarily suspended due to difficulties with supply and uncertainty of prices.

Do you want to get cheaper heating oil or LPG?

Orleton is part of the Community Resource Oil Buying Club. Your local co-ordinator is Eddie Clanzy-Hodge.

You can have a look at the Oil Buying Club brochure here Page 1 and Page 2.

Should you wish to join the scheme, please visit the Community Resource website.

There is a charge of £27 p.a. and membership runs for the full year after joining. This covers the administrative costs of the Shropshire RCC but you will easily recover this with reduced costs for your heating oil over the year. The Oil Buying Club takes monthly orders from members across Shropshire and get the best bulk price that they can every month.

The prices are normally below the best quoted prices elsewhere and the admin is all sorted out for you. All you have to do is tell us how much oil you need (minimum of 500 litres) and we will do the rest. Normally, payment is after delivery.

Orleton Good Neighbour Scheme

The Parish Council has arranged the Orleton Good Neighbour Scheme.

This is a free service supporting people in our community and it is run entirely by local volunteers. If you are in need of help then call 07825 484 289 and there will be someone to help you.

For more information click on the images below.

The OGNS website is here and the email address is orletongoodneighbourscheme@gmail.com

"New to Orleton" Booklet

Orleton Parish Council has produced a booklet with lots of useful information for newcomers to the village. It can be picked up from the shop or, if you wish, you can print it on-line here.

Leominster Tip - Booking System.

Herefordshire Council has introduced a booking system for visits to the Leominster tip in order to reduce the long queues that build up at busy times.

Here is a link about the rules for Leominster.  You will be limited to the just 4 visits in each 14 day period.

Here is the link for making an online booking https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/HRCbooking.

If you wish to book by telephone the number is : 01432 260051 and then Option 3.

Keep Herefordshire Warm

Keep Herefordshire Warm is Herefordshire Council’s home energy advice service. By providing a freephone advice line, dedicated home energy advisors and grant funding for eligible homes, it supports households to help them use less energy, lower their bills and make energy-saving improvements to their properties.

Homes relying on electric heating may be eligible for free first-time central heating, grants are available for insulation and support for when your boiler needs repairing or replacing. Warm, affordable homes are vital to health and quality of life – and Keep Herefordshire Warm is here to help make the winter months more comfortable.

Call their friendly advisors for free on 0800 677 1432, or visit www.keepherefordshirewarm.co.uk

Garden Waste Collection.

There is now a paid for fortnightly garden waste collection in Herefordshire. It costs about £5 per month and uses 240l brown bins.

It is called the Green Waste Club and further details can be seen at www.greenwasteclub.co.uk

Power Cut? - Dial 105

Dial 105 if you have a power cut.

Garden Bonfires

There have been numerous complaints this year about garden bonfires causing problems because the smoke has been enveloping houses.

Read the advice from the Parish Council.

Would you like to support St. George's Church?  Join the 100 Club!

Orleton PCC currently runs a "100 Club". There is a maximum of 100 members and currently there are some vacancies. We do need some new members, so if you wish to take up some of these please contact Sheila Bradford on 01568 7801511.

Membership costs £26 pa. There is a regular draw and winners receive a cash prize. All monies collected, after the draw payments have been made, will then be used to support St. George's Church.

We give away half of our takings in prize money. One of our recent new members was lucky enough to win our December cash prize of £250! You do not need to be a church goer to join, as the church is an icon of the village, and a very interesting building too. So we do recommend this to all newcomers and other people in the village.